Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Toys I (Still) Love: Hammer Ball Box

Remember this toy?  Well, nearly two years after that post, it's back and all I can say is that someone (ahem, Iz) is in love.  Back when Elijah was loving on it, I called it the Hammer Ball Box (HBB for short), but in Isabel's case, it's more of just a ball box.  Her preferred method of playing with it is to use her own tiny fist as a hammer.

Her enjoyment of it is greatly enhance by another exciting development around here: she's on the move!  But more on that tomorrow.  For today, let's just focus on how awesome this toy continues to be. 

Elijah is a Montessorian now, and Montessori is all about natural materials.  They use glass plates and cloth napkins for snack time and metal utensils for pouring and scooping.  We have plenty of plastic in this here house  (note the background toys in the picture above) but I definitely understand why the Montessori method puts such emphasis on what things are made of.  There is something about the hammer ball box, and particularly the wooden balls, that just feels good.  They make a satisfying clacking sound when banged together, and they have just the right weight for a toddler hand. 

As I was with Elijah, I am impressed at the HBB's capacity to reveal the depths of Isabel's young mind.  For example, she recently pushed a ball into the box, then reached through the hole to grab it back.  She got the ball, but couldn't pull her hand back out. This was clearly puzzling.  She released the ball, then turned the box on its side and reached in the larger side hole.  Voila!  Problem solved.  Now if she could just figure out how to fit an entire ball into her mouth, she would truly achieve toddler nirvana.

Hammer ball box., it's good to have you back.

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