Friday, October 18, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 8)

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Once again, we had quite the abnormal week around here, but instead of being caused by a careening car thief, it was caused by buckets of...yuckiness.  (I was going to let my alliterative side roll on, but some of you might be eating while you read this.)  Anyway, I am sure those of you out there who are parents will hear me when I say that nothing says unconditional love like cleaning up after your sick child (on the side of the road, no less.)


I am pretty sure that I can skip my daily Mensa crossword this morning, as I was able to successfully rethread and reinstall Elijah's car seat in under ten minutes.  This is what happens when you forget that you washed the car seat cover (see #1) and hung it to dry in the basement, only to realize upon heading out the door for school that the naked car seat frame is sitting on the porch. 


Vomiting aside, I did enjoy spending some extra time with my Lijah boy this week.  A shout goes out to Mamo and her timely gift of a giant dinosaur floor puzzle, which provided hours of entertainment for Elijah and I during Isabel's morning naps.


Since it is fall, I have switched from buying 1/2 bushels of peaches at the farmer's market to buying crates of apples.  Unlike the peaches, the apples really are not good to eat raw as they are pretty banged up, so instead, I have been making huge pots of applesauce.  So good.  It may be time for some potato pancakes up in here.  Izzy has been gobbling up the sauce, too, thanks to these.


It seems like fall may finally be here to stay in DC, which means it's....soup season!   Typically I try to limit myself to one soup night per week, as Elijah and Kurt are lukewarm (haha!) about soup, but this week we had curry squash soup on Monday and potato onion soup last night, and I got no complaints (from Kurt).  If you are a soup lover like me and you don't own this book, you should.


Countdown to my sister's wedding: 15 days.  Woohoo!  Sarah and Matt, can't wait to watch you tie the knot in sunny CancĂșn.  And if it rains, well, that's okay, too, because there's no such thing as bad weather for a wedding...or a tropical vacation.


Since this is our last in-town weekend of October, it gonna be all-fall up in here.  Caramel apples, pumpkin carving, leaf pile jumping, we're there.  I promise to take lots of (or at least a few pics.)  Hope you and your are enjoying some lovely fall weather, too!  Happy Friday!

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