Friday, October 4, 2013

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 7)

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On Tuesday, Isabel participated in a study at the University of Maryland where she got to wear a sweet hat that passively measures brain waves.  In true Izzy fashion, she kept the hat on for the whole experiment, which apparently never happens.  Score one for science!

Once again, it's been a l-hame week around this bloggity blog.  I blame the kids, of course.  Two sick days for Elijah, plenty of not sleeping for everyone, blah, blah, blah.  I'd promise to do better next week, but I'd just be setting myself up to feel guilty.  Just keep coming back.  I'll do my best to keep the content flowing.  Or at least post more cute pics of the Iz and her bro.

Lately, I've been dipping a toe into the world of baking.  For this, I blame/thank my friend Peggy, with whom I like to share some tea and treats on a weekly basis.  This week: these banana muffins.  Mainly because they don't require the forethought of letting butter soften.

 I would really like to try to make some scones, but I am a bit intimidated, as they require multiple steps.  So many opportunities to go wrong.  For now, when I need to get my scone fix, I'll stick with Shortcake Bakery.  Seriously, their oatmeal scones are heavenly, and they are located dangerously close to Elijah's school.

Since Isabel is now an official scooter, we have entered another Era of the Dingy Pants around here.  It is worsened by the fact that girl pants tend to come in lovely pastel colors.  Anyone have any good laundry times for removing the ground in grime?


I just noticed  that Kurt bookmarked this page on my computer.  Aside from they glaringly obvious omission of Downers Grove, it's an interesting read.  I know many of my readers live or have lived in Chicago and the surrounding jurisdictions.  What are your thoughts?

Most exciting news of the week around these parts?  This time, it's not the kiddies' doing, it's the husband's.   Check out this article from Tuesday's Washington Post.  Autographed copies available upon request.

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