Tuesday, October 15, 2013

She's number one!

That's right folks...we've reached the second leg of our family's birth month trifecta.  (Sorry, Daddy, you'll have to wait for spring for your cake.  But the rest of us are happy to share.)

This month's special someone is none other than that tiny girl known affectionately as Izzy, Izzy Fizzy, the Iz, and "pretty girl" (says Elijah). 

When Eljiah was but a wee lad, one of my favorite tunes to sing to him was, "You are my Sunshine," but Isabel really and truly is a ray of sunlight that shines on our little family.  She is as sweet as summer peaches (although she would rather eat cheese or rocks), and always has a smile on her face, except maybe when Elijah bulldozes her with a giant ball.  She's a mama's girl right up until the moment she catches a glimpse of Daddy out on the porch, at which point she scoots as fast as possible and bangs on the window until he comes in. 

The other day, Kurt had a conversation with Isabel that went something like this:

Kurt: Isabel, can you say, "Dada"?
Kurt: Can you say, "Mama"?
Kurt: Can you say, "Elijah?"
Isabel: E-la-la!

Yep.  No doubt about where her greatest affections lie.  And despite the aforementioned bulldozing, the feeling is pretty much mutual.

Happy birthday, sweetest girl.  You are our sunshine.

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