Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 12)

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If you've been a longtime reader of mine, you know that Elijah is quite musically-minded.  I, on the other hand, am a lover of the visual arts.  Perhaps, then, you can understand my excitement when this week, Elijah produced his first representational drawings.  Of talking meatballs.  The funniest part is, Elijah has probably eaten meatballs three times in his entire life.  Apparently, though, they made an impression.

Some days lately, Elijah has not taken a nap.  Rather than crying into my afternoon Diet Coke, I have embraced this special time together.  By which I mean I have fought off feelings of despair while reminding myself that no nap means an early bed time.

An early bed time for Elijah means more time for Kurt and I to spend quality time together watch The Wire.  We are in the final season and will definitely be sad when we are finished.  It may be the best show ever.  I am not exaggerating, nor am I alone in thinking this.

I have now posted on Endless Simmer for two weeks in a row.  Woot!  Wish me luck as I attempt to make it a three-peat next week.  It won't be easy (see #2).

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post for GreaterGreaterEducation that received the most comments ever for a post on that site.  That is exciting, except that some of the commenters were downright mean and almost made me cry.  My next post is about the new DCPS report card, and I am a bit relieved that this is no doubt a less controversial topics.

Yesterday on The Kojo Nnamdi Show, there was a segment on video game music.  As I listened, I was amazed at how much video game music has entered my consciousness over the years.  Also, I kinda wish I had tickets (and a babysitter) to go see this.

Speaking of video games, if like me you wasted many hours of your youth on Super Mario Brother, you might enjoy this youTube video.  Do those guys have serious skills or what?  Too bad they couldn't get their hats to stay on.  Also, love the ending.

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  1. What a lovey lunch break for me, reading and linking. Thanks, Li (oh yeah on the three peat).