Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Elsewhere: Chocolate Cake

So, as a part of the lovely wedding celebration, Kurt and I had our first taste (and taste and taste) of an all-inclusive resort.  Being as we prefer not to start drinking at 8 am, I don't think we got our money's worth, but we sure ate enough ice cream and sushi to last us awhile.  In the interest of detoxification, our meals this week have featured lots of dark leafy greens.  Rather than beer with breakfast, we have....water.   And since our trip was basically a 7-day meat bender, we've been hitting the beans pretty hard.  And even though there is a bag full of Halloween candy in the kitchen, it has remained largely uneaten.

Before we left, however, I did review a desserts cookbook for Endless Simmer. So, if, unlike me, you have been treating your digestive system kindly for the past few weeks, perhaps it is time for a treat?  You can find my review along with a recipe for the chocolate, coffee cake above right over here.  Now, I believe it is time for my morning kale snack.

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