Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New park love

We have lived in this house for five years, one year longer than we have known the twins, two years less than we have known Elijah.  In all that time, with all those kids, we have never had a park we could walk to.  Well, I mean, there are two that technically we could walk to, but they are at least a mile away, and on a 100 degree (or drizzly, or freezing) day, they may as well have been out of town. 

 Two weeks ago (and thankfully, just in time for the week of the grandparents), that changed.

Where once there was a broken down, boarded-up, swingless playground, we now have an honest-to-goodness play space, adjacent to the Harry Thomas Sr. Recreation Center, just four blocks from home.

See that little top tooth peeking out?
It's got it all: slides, a four-person teeter-totter, climbing spots, and, of course, plenty of swings for all.  Swings, might I say, that already practically a permanent Elijah butt-print in them.