Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My New Year's Reminders: 2 week check-up

It's been two weeks(ish) since I sat down to create my Ann-Voskamp-inspired word collage for 2014.  A few things have come to my attention since then, and today I will share them with you.

My 2014 word collage

1) As soon as I finished, I thought of a bunch more ideas to include.  While the urge for revision was there, though, I reminded my self that these reminders were for just one year, and there were lots of them, so I needed to calm the heck down.  Next January, I can reevaluate, add, subtract, etc.  For the next 12 months, this is it.  Done.

2) I did not anticipate the psychological benefit of calling them "reminders" instead of resolutions.  If I resolved to do all these things, or even only a few things, and then I failed, that would be a serious bummer.  Instead, when I fail, it just means I need another reminder tomorrow, when I can try again.  Kinda like how Elijah needs many, many reminders re: Isabel and yelling/squishing/yelling.  But we are both trying.  This is what matters.

3) It seemed a little crazy to include so many different things on my word collage, but I am glad that I did.  On any given day, one thing or another will stand out as something to pursue more vigorously.  Thus far, the one that I have come back to most often is "Finish. Then start." Not what I would have predicted, but I can give you one concrete example of how it has improved my life:
When I put the laundry away, there is often a stack of items that belong downstairs: dishrags, cloth napkins, etc.  In 2013, my way of handling this was to put that stack on my dresser, with the intention of taking it downstairs on my next trip.  But this rarely happened, as my brain is made of Swiss cheese, so the stack would sit there until one day I would wonder, Where are all the dish towels?  Ah yes, on my dresser from three weeks ago.  Now, because I keep reminding myself to "Finish. Then start," I take the time to actually finish putting the laundry away, including taking the dish clothes downstairs right then, before I forget.

 So, two weeks into 2014 and I am still feeling the word collage.  What about you?  How are your resolutions going?

Also, just in case you were worried that I was undergoing a major personality change in regards to self-discipline (I can only hope), I did take a break from washing dishes today for an impromptu photo shoot (see top of post).  What can I say?  When pitted against Isabel's cuteness, no New Year's reminder stands a chance.

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