Friday, February 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 18)

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Last Sunday night, Kurt took Elijah to see Stomp.  It was Elijah's first full-length performance, (he's never even seen a whole movie) but he was apparently rapt for all of the 90 minutes.  Not surprising, since the show is all about percussion, and he is a drummer man (says he).   I am excited that he is now old enough to enjoy live shows such as this, a major perk of city living.

We just got back from a long slog through the snow and slush.  We made our way, very slowly, to Uncle Chips.  Pushing the stroller, I felt a lot like the White Witch at the end of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but it was worth it to get out of the house and soak up some soggy sunshine.

We have been in a bit of nap purgatory over here.  Actually, calling it purgatory is a bit of wishful thinking on my part, based on the tightly clutched hope that it will not last forever.  Isabel has been sick with a cold seemingly forever, and refuses to nap in her crib for more than 45 minutes.  This has caused me to do things I swore I never would, like let her sleep in the car (parked, while I read a book in the front seat).  Right now, she is sacked out in the kitchen, strapped into the stroller.  Another parenting ideal bites the dust.  Oh well.

We got some kids' audio books at the library, so now on the way to school, instead of Elijah's favorite sing-along CD on repeat, it's Green Eggs and Ham, and other Dr. Seuss classics. I don't really mind, but I do find myself reciting lines in my head at random times during the day.  Would you, could you?

One of the books on the CD is I Am Not Going to Get Up Today, which I had never heard before.  Basically, it encapsulates the way I feel every single morning at 6 when Elijah starts calling my name. 

On my list of things that I am thankful for today: the last day of the NPR winter membership campaign.  I realize it is necessary, but it is also cramping my dinner-making style.  Chopping carrots just isn't as fun without the sweet sounds of All Things Considered.  Yet, I just can't make myself listen to the pleas for donations.  Next week, all will return to normal.  Thanks goodness.

Did I mention that nap time around here is basically in shambles?  Oh, I did?  Well, let me reiterate: most days, the number of minutes by which the children's naps overlap is zero.  Right now, as I type this, Elijah is sleeping and Isabel has momentarily given up on imperiling herself.  But that won't last.  The girl loves danger, and I have to wake Elijah up in seven minutes.  TGIF!

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