Thursday, February 27, 2014

A short post with short stories

This seven posts in seven days business is turning out to be a bit arduous.  I mean, I am already trying to write six stories in six weeks.  What's next?  Eight books in eight hours?  Geez. 

So today, in lieu of a whole long post, I offer you two short stories (and a cute picture of Isabel, of course.)  You can check them out here and here.  They are first drafts, so please excuse any typos.  I would revise them, but I have another story due Monday.  Whew!  See you tomorrow for 7 Quick Takes.  Now I am off to read Ashley's bachelor recap.  Do I watch the show?  Heck no.  Do I look forward to her weekly recaps anyway?  Oh yeah.  If you need a laugh, just click on over and join me.

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  1. I want to know what happens next to the nice pretty girl!