Monday, February 3, 2014

Toys I Still Love: Little Tikes Car

Perhaps I have told this story before, but I can't remember...

The Christmas after Elijah turned one, I bought him the most beautiful pair of felted wool slippers.  Our house was cold, he would never keep his socks on, and I wanted something handmade, even if I didn't make them myself.  That was his gift from me.

One day, not long before Christmas that same year, Kurt and Elijah went to Value Village in search of something, I can't quite remember what, but they returned with...The Car.  Apparently, once Elijah spotted it, he made it clear, in his one-year-old way that it was just what he needed.  At half-off, I believe it set us back about $4 or so.  My first thought was, Where on Earth are we going to keep this monstrosity?   But then I saw Elijah's delight, and, well, it stayed.  That was Elijah's gift from Daddy.

Now it's two years later, and the car is back.  Back in from outside, back to taking up approximately a third of the living room.  Back to causing squeals of delight.

Her legs are not long enough to reach the floor, and there is some obvious frustration re not being able to honk the horn.  And of course, now that the car is back, Elijah has rediscovered his love for it, which lies in direct conflict with Isabel's love for it.

But, it is beloved, and has clearly been worth all four dollars that we spent on it.  Or shall I say, that Daddy spent on it.  And the slippers?  Still to big for teeny Iz.  Maybe next year.

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  1. She hasn't learned to drive and talk on the phone simultaneously yet. See if we can keep it that way!