Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Two little readers

Elijah loves to read.  Which is to say, he loves to listen.  He will listen to books read aloud for an hour.  Currently, we are working our way through the High Rise Private Eyes series, with a side of Mr. Putter and Tabby

Isabel likes books, too, but she prefers to look at them on her own.  I put her in her room so I could go to the bathroom yesterday, and when I came out, she was turning the pages of her board books, happy as a literary clam.  I let her be, and she was content to "read" for twenty minutes or so. 

I am sure that this reflects their ages and personalities, but I wonder if I had a hand in their divergent reading styles as well.  When Elijah was a baby, it was just him, so until he was old enough to scoot away, I would read aloud to him for long periods.  I remember reading him The Lorax, in particular, many times.  Isabel, being number 2, has naturally gotten less of my undivided attention.  Could this be why she prefers to look at books alone?  Perhaps.

And perhaps I do feel a tiny bit bad about this sometimes.  But when that happens, all I have to do is watch the two of them together, particularly in the rare quiet moments when Elijah "reads" to her.  I pray that these are just the first of many reading experiences that the two of them will share.


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  1. Love of Reading is a rare and wonderful disease and is contagious