Friday, March 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 23)

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I have notice that Isabel gets a lot more face time on this here blog that her dear brother.  I think this is probably a good thing, since I hear second children can be neglected in this department.  It's not intentional, though.  Rather, Elijah is anti-mamarazzi, and most picture that I have of him look like the one you see above.  But, given the climate around here this week, I felt this picture was appropriate.

By the climate around here, I not only refer to the fact that it was 30 degrees this week even though it is ALMOST APRIL, but also to the continued presence of streptococcus bacteria at our house.  Isabel is the latest victim, and although Kurt and Elijah have been spared thus far, I feel it is too soon to declare the epidemic vanquished.  Bummer.

One thing upon which Kurt and I will likely never agree is the value of artichokes as food.  I am pro, and he is against, which is just fine, as they are rather expensive and I don't mind eating all of them myself.  As I am doing right now.  And yes, that is butter running down my chin.  What of it?

The aforementioned artichokes came to us from the new Trader Joe's that is just a mere ten minutes from our house.  I don't think I'll be going there too much, as nothing can separate me from my beloved Aldi, but as Maryland does not sell wine in grocery stores and the new TJ's happens to be in the more booze-friendly DC, I do think it will be added to the rotation.  Also, the artichokes are pretty cheap.

I am always seeking out new ways to keep my mind from atrophying in the face of repeated readings of Cam Jansen and the Molly Shoe Mystery.  This weeks thank you in that department goes to my dad, for directing me towards a daily dose of cryptic crossword.  Not for the faint of heart, this little puzzles should keep my IQ from plummeting irredeemably in the next few years.  On a related note, if the family runs out of clean socks, they should feel free to blame my dad, as crosswords are definitely more fun than laundry.

If you've been saddened by my recent neglect of these here blog, don't forget to come back on Tuesday, when I make my second annual attempt at the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  I have something fun (for me) going on this year, and perhaps you will enjoy it, too.

Finally, I ask for your prayers for Ben Sauer and his family.  I found out about them through another blog, and their story just breaks my heart.  What is impressive, though, is there incredible faith in the face of such hardship.   Join me in lifting them up in prayer this weekend as they journey through this difficult time.

Have a blessed weekend, and I'll see you on Tuesday (or Monday...but probably Tuesday).

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