Friday, April 18, 2014

Blogging A to Z: Monday's

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        Monday's my favorite day of the week.  One time, I heard some white guy with a suit say TGIF to this other white guy in a suit at the bus stop, and I asked my friend Neecie what it means and she said it means, "Thank God it's Friday," because the weekend is coming, so now Neecie and I say TGIM except we say it like T-gym, and it's secret code for us because we both like Mondays best. 
                If you came to visit my house, it's the one with the peeling green paint and the trash in the yard, you would know why I like Mondays best.  Mondays are school.  Neecie and I are both in the seventh but we're not in the same class like we were last year.  That was so great.  This year, I'm in Ms. Burgess's homeroom and she's in Mr. Angelo's homeroom and we only see each other at lunch time and when we walk to the library afterschool so that neither one of us has to get home to early.  Neecie can never stay too long, though, because she brings her brother David with and he always gets to whining about how hungry he is after we've only been in the library for five minutes and you can't eat in there because of how rats like crumbs.  I know rats like crumbs because my house has them.  Crumbs and rats, I mean.
                But you were asking why I like Mondays the best, and I guess I haven't really been clear on that.  Let me tell you about my school.  Everything there is clean and neat.  We each have our jobs to do in homeroom, and this month I am in charge of watering the plants, which is sort of fun but last month I was in charge of sweeping the floor which was better because the tile is smooth and flat and real easy to get the crumbs off.  Plus, there's not that many crumbs because Ms. Burgess doesn't let us eat in there.  Some kids get mad about that but I don't mind because at my house my mom doesn't have any rules about where you can eat and my brothers, all five of them, they eat wherever they want and the crumbs get into the cracks in the floor boards and no matter how much I sweep, which I do a lot, it never gets clean.  But the classroom floor is so clean that you could wear white socks and no shoes and I bet they wouldn't even get dirty.  At my house I keep my shoes on because even when I sweep up the crumbs, the floor still feels sticky and I do all the laundry and I don't feel like washing my socks all the time.
                Also, at school, everything has its right place.  Like, if I need a new pencil, I just go over to the closet and find the bin that says pencils, and there they are, a nice, neat row of them, all yellow, all sharp.  At home, when the cans of food come from that place down the street, my mom just shoves them wherever she feels like and that drives me totally crazy.  I'll be trying to fix dinner, which when you have five brothers is a lot of dinner, and I don't know if we are really out of tomatoes or if they are just under the sink or maybe even down in the basement, and by the time I find them my brothers are hungry and they just microwave cups of noodles which have a lot of salt and no good vitamins.  I know because I saw it on this TV show with doctors. 

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