Friday, May 16, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 26)
(Girls' Weekend Edition)
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I miss this face.  And it's only been two days. 

I had some really great intentions centering around writing a blog post every day this week.  Heh heh.  But, given that it's just me and Iz around these parts and my little lady took a nap for ONE WHOLE HOUR today, it's a small miracle that I am even writing this post while it is still Friday.  So, you're welcome.

Yes, it is just Isabel and me this weekend because the boys took off yesterday for Peoria/St. Louis and will not return until Monday night.  In addition to non-napping, Isabel has been enjoying this together time by not letting go of my hand all day long.  It's been fun(ish).  To give my fingers a break from her tiny clutches, we took a very long walk to Trader Joe's.  Mr. Google tells me it is 2.2 miles each way.  I believe him.
We went strawberry picking this week, which deserves its own post that includes pictures from years past.  However, Kurt took the camera with him on the trip, and I unwisely did not upload the pictures before that happened, so y'all are just going to have to wait till next week to experience the joy that was Isabel smearing her entire body in strawberries.

I continue to make my way through Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norill.  I am currently in the midst of Vol. 2 (of 3), with only 600 or so pages to go.  It's quite good, but not a page turner, so I estimate I will finish sometime in 2014.  Beyond that, no promises.

I am currently under the spell of a sorceress by the name of Erica.  Okay, she's just my ordinary human friend, but she has inspired me to attempt to eat crazy-health for the next two weeks.  Today was day two, and it has been going surprisingly well.  Mercifully, dark chocolate is on the approved foods list, and with that to look forward to each evening, I think I might just be able to make this work.

This probably deserves it's own post, too, but it is really weird going from two children down to one for the weekend.  If I had to choose one word to describe it, I would have to say...boring.  I know, I know, I should be enjoying the sweet reprieve from Elijah's constant noise-making, and believe me, I am.  But I think this weekend will also serve to make me appreciate the crazy-awesome of my usual life as well.

In the spirit of enjoying the quiet, I am off to watch Parenthood (the show) while eating popcorn and drinking root beer.  Have a lovely weekend!

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