Friday, May 30, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 30)
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The picture above comes from an event so amazing, so noteworthy, that really, it deserves its own post.  But since 7QT is the only sure thing around here, I figured I had better share while I have the chance.  Earlier this week, Elijah and Isabel played together for twenty minutes.  Elijah passed Isabel stickers and she stuck them on paper.  It was glorious.  Echoes of things to come?  I hope so.

Elijah has one week of school left.  This year has really flown by.  We had such a great experience at St. Jerome's that I am truly sad to see this year wrap up.  I won't miss all the driving, but I feel blessed that Elijah's first year of school was so wonderful.

In addition to the families, teachers, etc, what I will miss most about Elijah going to St. Jerome's is Isabel and my weekly trips to Shortcake Bakery.  We have become quite the regulars, and I have even done some of the signage for the various baked goods.  We might not be there as often next year, but I am sure we will find a way to work it into our schedule.

This year, I am judging the young adult category for the annual Kindle Book Review contest.  I have to read 20 books in three months, which is quite a lot, but I am still honored to take this project on.  I started yesterday, and so far, so good.  Just 19.25 books to go.

 One obstacle to reading all those books is that there are always lots of other books I want to read, too.  For book club, I just finished Out of My Mind, a middle grade book that I highly recommend, and an author whose books I have reviewed favorably in the past just sent me a copy of his new book.  I will never get a tattoo, but if I did, it might be this one:

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When I was googling around to find the picture above, I also found this:

So true.

Kurt is putting Elijah to bed right now, and I have already done (most of) the dishes, which means I should not be writing this.  I should be using these precious free moments to wrap up book 1 of 20.  See you next week!

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