Thursday, May 1, 2014

Daddy time

I sat down to write my Blogging A to Z post (Letter P) today, and something strange happened, something that rarely happens to me: writer's block.  Fortunately, it has a known cause, at least this time.  For several nights now, the children have conspired to prevent any of the adults in this house from getting a good night's sleep, or even an okay night's sleep.  So, when I sat down to write today, my brain refused to cooperate with my fingers.  Here's to hoping that tonight is better.

HOWEVER.  You, blog reader, are in luck.  While I was blogging through the first half of the alphabet, several well-photographed events occurred that I have yet to share with you.  One of them was our first ever family boys weekend/girls weekend.  While Isabel and I jetted off to Chicago to visit my dear high school friend Emily and her darling new baby, Andrew, Elijah and Kurt lived it up here in DC. 

One thing you should know about Kurt and his family is that they are doers.  Vacations with them are both extremely fun and rather tiring.  So it is unsurprising that Elijah and Kurt did about 20 things in the four days we were gone. 

Although Elijah and Isabel love each other tremendously, there is such sweetness in getting to spend time one-on-one with Mom or Dad, isn't there?  

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