Friday, June 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 33)
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I just gave Elijah a haircut.  This was the first time I did it by myself.  It was only mildly traumatic.  For me, I mean.  For him, it was much worse, I fear.  Judging from his screeches, he is the only person in the world with nerve endings in his hair.  He's recovering with a Popsicle on the couch as we speak.   It appears there is no lasting damage, except, of course, to his hair.  But I hear that grows back.

This week I finished the eighth of the books for the KBR contest, young adult category.  There are now three books that I have really enjoyed, although all for vastly different reasons.  At this rate, I should be able to choose a top five without including anything I didn't really like.  With 12 books to go, I am hoping that my decision is a difficult one.

It's official: I am now outnumbered when it comes to choosing the radio station in the car.  Elijah always wants "banjo songs" (WAMU bluegrass radio), while Isabel just wants "Michael Row the Boat Ashore" from the Sing Along With Putamayo CD.  So, we pretty much just switch back and forth between those two.  I miss you, NPR.

While listening to the aforementioned "banjo songs" today, I heard a version of "The Great Divide", and was surprised to find that I knew all of the words.  It seems that repeated listenings to Nancy Griffith as a child have made their mark, even though I haven't heard that song in at least 15 years.  Also, if you watch the video, be sure to appreciate the early nineties fashion.  Love the blazers, ladies.

When it comes to kids' picture books, it sometimes seems unfair that the author gets top billing over the illustrator.  Not so much, however, with one of Elijah's current favs, The Only Alex Addleston in All These Mountains.  The pictures are lovely, and make the story come alive, yes, but oh, the story.  It is just so sweet.  And the language is beautiful.  Read it, please.  Then write me to tell me how much you love it.  

In that same vein, once again the scientists have spoken, telling us that reading to our children is good for them.  This time, the news is that even newborns benefit from being read to.  I hope this news gives Sandra Boynton a bump, being that she is, in my opinion, the queen of the board book.  

Given the number of Popsicles my children eat, I sometimes feel a tad bit guilty re: my chidlren's nutrition.  But today's quotable Elijah made me feel a little better.  At the grocery store:  "Look, Mommy!  Pizzas that are frozen.  I never knew about that." Good, son.  Let's keep it that way.

By this time next week, we will be in Michigan, on the far side of a ten+ hour road trip.  Wish us luck.  My main strategy: lots of carb-based snacks (but no frozen pizza).  And headphones.  For me.  Have a great weekend.

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