Monday, June 2, 2014

Fit to print

If you have been to my house, then you know that I have a problem when it comes to printing and hanging photos.  Most notably, in our lovely ascending photo array of family pictures, one young lady is conspicuously absent, despite her nearly two-year membership in our little four person club.  Boo to me.

I heard someone on NPR recently, a photographer, talking about how her rule is, "If it's good enough to share, it's good enough to print."  Wise words.  I have shared so many picture on this here blog, yet I have printed almost none of them.  I'll have to work on that.

I was looking for some photos for today's post when I came across the ones you see above, memories from the birthday of a dear friend a few weeks ago.  I thought, "I should print some of those and give them to the birthday girl."  I almost let the thought pass me by, to be added to the bottomless invisible to-do list in my head.  But no!  Click, save,, - ta-da!  Ready to be picked up tomorrow in under 20 minutes.  And I even had a coupon.

Now, if I can just figure out how to make this a habit, I might actually print and hang some pictures of my own children one of these days.  With all Isabel has to put up with, she has definitely earned her spot on the wall. 

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