Friday, September 12, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 36)

Soooo long since I've posted...where to being?  How about school?  That seems like a good place.  Elijah started school last week, but this was his first full week.  He seems to really enjoy it, despite the fact that he has fallen and scraped his knees so many times that his teacher suggested to me today that perhaps he should start wearing long pants.  Regardless, when I pick him up each day and ask him how his day was, he always responds with an enthusiastic, "Great!"

Getting dressed for school, however, is not always as great.  Today, for example, after I took off the shirt that he slept in (a school shirt), he ran away, picked up both the dirty and clean shirts, and threw them at me.  Since he insisted that I only buy him blue school shirts, I could then not tell the clean from the dirty.  So there is fifty percent chance that Elijah is not wearing a clean shirt today.  And yes, he sometimes sleeps in his clothes.  What?

As kids go, Elijah is fairly forthcoming about his school activities.  Sometimes, though, it feels like we are playing verbal charades.  Elijah had to describe one activity three times before I understood that he glued his name on a piece of paper with a purple glue stick.  He had never used a glue stick before, and kept telling me he, "spread the purple crayon on the paper and then put his name in it." 

There is lots to love about Elijah's new school.  The whole class is taught in Spanish, his teacher Mr. Jorge is one of those people that seems made to teach preschool, and the new school building is beautiful.  The best thing, though, is that we can walk.  After driving back and forth and back and forth for over an hour last year, the pleasure of a 20 minute stroll through the neighborhood each morning and afternoon cannot be overstated.

And, as an addendum to the above, Elijah's school is also on Kurt's way to work.  So sometimes, father and son walk together to school, then Kurt hops on his bike the rest of the way.  Elijah did have a major wipe out the first time the tried this, but I still think it is going to be a great thing.

This was Isabel's first week of school, and therefore, mine, too.  It was exhausting, but so much fun.  The biggest hit of the week was some homemade finger paint that I accidentally overcooked so that it was more like jello.  So gross.  The kids were all about it, spooning it, feeling it, generally covering themselves in it.  They have taken to calling it "gooey-gooey", and I may have to whip up another batch for next week.  I'll probably end up accidentally making finger paint.

And one non-school related note - on Sunday, my baby will be 4!  So hard to believe.  Especially when he is throwing a temper tantrum.  Ha.  But seriously, my boy is growing up, and I am so proud of him.  Love that little man.