Friday, January 9, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 38)

I told my sister I would try to post once a week in 2015.  So far, well, not so good.  But here I am.  What she really wants is pictures so I will have to get on that, too.  For now though, here's something, which, I hear, is better than nothing.

It has been so cold here this week.  While I know, intellectually, that somehow I survived much worse weather than this throughout my formative years, I really cannot fathom how I did it.  Fortunately, as you can see in the photo above, Elijah has figured out how to outfit himself for this cold snap.  I am still working out my own system, which involved multiple pairs of pants and sadly, no shoes on the hands.  Someone has to drive the car, I suppose.

After five months and four different library check-outs, I finally finished The Goldfinch.  Whew.  Would I recommend it?  Depends on who you are, and how many books you want to read in 2015.  If the answer is 1.5, then maybe.

As a reward/mind break after The Goldfinch, I read Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty.  Not a Pulitzer Prize winner, to be sure, but delicious nonetheless.  I read it in three days.

I suppose I should write about my children before I run out of quick takes.  Let's see...Isabel is obsessed with going to school, and particularly seeing her friend Isley (pronounced Eye-Lee).  There was no school today for her, just like every Friday, and she cried.  One of her current favorite items is a banana bread scented candle from my mom, and on Tuesday, another non-school day, she brought it to me as said, "Isley wants to smell it.  Let's go to Isley's house." Crafty, that one.

Elijah has fully embraced the winter weather.  He seems impervious to cold, as evidenced by his standing at the front storm door naked earlier this week.  My apologies to anyone who happened to be driving on Rhode Island Avenue around 7:30 on Tuesday morning. 

I'll end with one more picture, for Sarah's sake.  I will try to post again soon, or at least next Friday.  Happy weekending!

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  1. You're back! I look forward to the weekly updates!