Friday, January 16, 2015

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 39)

Unscented shaving cream: Best $2 I've spent all month

This has been a weird week, weather-wise.  Or, should I say, school-cancellation wise.  School was delayed two hours on Monday on account of freezing rain that never actually froze.  As a result, Isabel's school was cancelled.  Then, school was delayed again on Wednesday, on account of snow that totaled approximately .25 inches (or less).  Which means Elijah's school day started at 10:30 and ended at 1, as they do on Wednesdays.  Fed up with the ridiculousness of it all, I un-cancelled Isabel's school for the day, took Elijah with me and shook my head ruefully at what passes for severe weather around these parts.  

Isabel has been super into playing pretend these days, particularly with dolls, action figures, tiny pieces of paper meant to represent animals, etc.  In fact, I am writing this right now while she is awake (!) because there is some intense drama unfolding in her dollhouse.  I believe Grover is involved.

A quote from Elijah this week: "Let's see who can get undressed the most." I feel like this could be the beginning of a Monty Python skit that ends with people peeling themselves down to the bones or something.  

We are having people over for dinner tonight and I am serving leftovers.  Terrible, I know, but in my defense, we currently have a chicken curry, mushroom polenta, and bean burritos in the fridge that need to be eating.  There's something for whatever ethnic food one might be craving.  Also, I am going to make fresh (not leftover) kale salad, and chocolate cookies with ice cream.  So there.  

I am joining a new book club, and the book for this month is Everything I Never Told You.  It is like Reconstructing Amelia meets Snow Falling on Cedars.  I liked it, but man oh man was it sad.  Anyone have a funny book to recommend for my next read?  

As I have been typing this, Isabel has moved from her dollhouse to her second favorite activity, peeling oranges.  But guess what?  Her third favorite activity is not eating oranges.  Not by a long shot.  As a result, I have been getting 1000% or so of my daily value of vitamin C by finishing peeled oranges that I find around the house.  

Texting with other moms has been a sanity saver on these cold winter days.
Two of my favorites from this week:
From Shaina - "Breaking news: I think I like goat cheese more than Brie now.  I'm going to find more ways to use this delicious cheese.  How are you?"
From Jill: "Fyi it's only 9:15 and I've already eaten my breakfast plus 1.5 burritos, an orange and a cookie."
Thanks for keeping me company, ladies!

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