Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Longest weekend ever

Parent-teacher conferences, President's Day and a bit of snow meant that Elijah had a five-day-weekend this past Friday-Tuesday.  Five days.  I should have taken the kids to Florida.  On Monday, we literally did five projects.  If not for Netflix, it would have been ten.  Kurt lovingly took the kids to Port Discovery for most of the day on Saturday, and yesterday the kids sledded on baking pan with their bestest buds, Nora, Bee, and Harriet.  This morning when I dropped Elijah off at school, the teachers looked quite well-rested.  The parents, not so much.  Today was a half-day, and there's no school again on Monday.  Anyone have five more projects we can do?

Saturday, Port Discovery lego land

Saturday, Port Discovery "bouncy sting" (Isabel)

Monday, robot hat

Monday, rolling jail for people and animals

Tuesday, pre-breakfast shovelfest

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