Monday, February 2, 2015

The mosquito (or something) that thwarted the quick takes

I had a good run.  What, was it two weeks in a row?  And then...

Elijah came home on Thursday with some innocent looking bug bites on his face.  By the time he woke up, his left eye was swollen shut.  Not only was I unsure of the exact cause, I also knew I couldn't send him to school looking so terrible.  So home he stayed.  And we had a lovely, unproductive day at home.  A freezing trip to the park, 52 readings of a terrible Scooby Doo book, and many snacks later, I fell into bed at an early hour.  I will try to do better this week.  Until then, here's a few pics to hold you over.

1 comment:

  1. Probably a spider or two. Not as rare as you might think. I think mom & sis are coming soon. Chorizo helper in MI that weekend.

    Thanks for the pics. Miss the Runges