Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This mom's favorite three-way (food swap, that is)

Dinner tonight: Celia's minestrone soup.  Buttery breadsticks not pictured.

Life with 2.75 small children is hard.  No doubt about it.  Wonderful, glorious, rewarding, love-filled and yes, hard.  So today I share with you one of my sanity saving secrets.  (See how I alliterated there?)  Once a week, I cook a giant quantity of food, split it three ways, and share with my friends Celia and Jill.  On a different day of the week, each of them does the same.  It's almost too crazy to work, but it does.  Last year I swapped with just one friend.  I think two is my limit, but who knows?  All I can say is that two nights off of cooking a week basically keeps me from losing my mind.  What's left of it, anyway.

For the curious, here's some of what we've made and shared this year:

Chicken curry
Taco lentil soup
Pollo verde con papas
Zucchini cheese pie
Mac and cheese
Tater tot casserole
Sesame chicken
Orange tofu
Pepperoni rolls
Tamale pie

And I am sure there's more, but no one took a nap today, so bedtime is nigh. 

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