Monday, March 2, 2015

Toys I Love: Fischer Price Doctor Kit

One thing I love about Kurt's parents' house is that they still have all of the good ol' toys from Kurt's childhood.  Most of them are classic Fisher Price: the record player, the cash register, the Little People before they all became obese.

Fortunately for those whose parents/grandparents aren't the kind to hang on to things for 30+ years, Fisher Price has kept a few of the good toys around, basically unchanged, all these years later.  We've had the FP doctor kit at our house for awhile now, but it has suddenly been in heavy rotation, with lots of "check outs" happening daily.

The toys are plastic, true, but they don't make any noise, require batteries, or have a million tiny pieces.  I'm not big on pretend play myself, so it is nice to have some inspiration lying around.   Plus, it is always good to make sure all the stuffed animals are healthy on a daily basis.

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