Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Daddy and Iz (and Micah too)

There are many great things about Kurt's job, but the one that we have enjoyed most recently is the two weeks of paid paternity leave.  Micah was born at the tail end of Elijah's spring break, so most of those two weeks were school days, and that meant that the mornings could best be described as the Daddy and Isabel show.  Kurt is a doer, so each day meant a new adventure for the two of them.  The pictures in this post were taken at the Franciscan Monastery, a much-overlooked DC treasure.  It is beautiful there this time of year, what with all the flowers in bloom, and judging from the pictures, Isabel had to stop and smell each and every one.

Kurt is back to work this week, but I am pretty sure that their two weeks together has secured his place in Isabel's mind as Best Dad Ever.  Of course, I already knew that was his other job title.

And me?  Well, I got to spend lots of time with this face, right here:

Looks like life is pretty good all around.

I don't have any good pics of Elijah on hand at the moment, but just so he's not completely left out, here's a little anecdote.

Today at breakfast, Elijah was elucidating his House Rules, most of which involved cleaning up your own messes.  I guess my pleas have not fallen on totally deaf ears.  Rule #1 was the exception.  According to Elijah, what's the top rule around here?  "Elijah is the number one kid in charge." Big brother, indeed.